Competitive Pricing

Analy$ource® Online

Competitive pricing set for all FDA-approved drugs is only a mouse dick away with AnaIy$ource Online - a subscription resource powered by MedKnowledge TM, the industry-leading database from First Databank, Inc. Used by maior pharma, biotech, and generic companies, Analy$ource Online is updated daily and instantly displays the latest drug pricing, trade incentives, and lTl()(e than 80 data attributes for every product.

Analy$ource® Bi-Weekly and Monthly

For clients who need less frequent pricing updates, DMD offers 2 cost-effective versions of Ana/y$ource Online: Analy$ource Bi-Weekly and AnaIy$ource Monthly.

AnalySource Bi-Weekly includes most of the same features of Ana~urce Online, including pricing export functionality and powerful filtering tools, but product and pricing updates are made every other week (on the 5th and 20th of each month) rather than daily.

Similar to Analy$ource Bi-Weekty, DMD Analy$ource Monthly provides regular product and pricing updates but less frequently (on the 5th of every month) and at a lesser cost.

Customized Data Retrieval and Reports

For clients without an annual subscription to AnalySource who require an immediate and specific “cut” of data, DMD America can tailor virtually any output specific to pricing and data criteria. 

Contact John Raymond (315-671-0806) or Eric Zimmerman (315-671-4209) for more information.