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Specialty Pharmacy Providers Evolve to Meet Complex Patient Journey Needs

September 18, 2015, by Jim Sharples

Industry Whitepaper Outlines Development, Challenges, and Opportunities for the Specialty Pharmacy Space

SYRACUSE, NY, September 21, 2015 - Delta Marketing Dynamics announces the release of ‘The Evolving World of Specialty Pharmacy Providers: Past, Present and Future”, a whitepaper describing the historical underpinnings and recent trends in the growth of specialty pharmacies in the US.  Specialty pharmacy providers (SPPs) have become more prominent since the 1990’s, when complex treatment protocols and medications for diseases such as cancer and HIV led to specialized patient care and changes in reimbursement procedures. Coupled with the changing needs and demands of various healthcare stakeholders – payers, healthcare professionals, manufacturers and patients – SPPs are at the forefront of discussion regarding treatment and dispensing efficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry.

This whitepaper is presented both to educate, and promote further discussion into areas of need that will likely drive future advancement in the market.  Initially a niche industry, estimates now suggest that the future growth in specialty pharmaceutical spending could quadruple by 2020, reaching $400 billion or 9.1% of national health spending in the US1. Complexity in healthcare reimbursements, an increased need for patient coordination and management, as well as a changing landscape for healthcare providers, are all factors driving this growth, presenting both challenges and opportunity to pharmaceutical manufacturers and SPPs.

“With the continuing shift to specialty pharmaceuticals, there is significant evolution happening in the specialty pharmacy provider space.” said James Sharples, Vice President at Delta Marketing Dynamics, a leading marketing research consultancy in the healthcare space. “While there is definitely promise for improving patient outcomes, there are still many challenges and barriers that need to be addressed. “

Stakeholders in the specialty pharmaceutical space need to be aware of trends that will impact the specialty channel going forward.  This whitepaper outlines the historical background, current development, and future considerations for continued growth in this channel.


1. UnitedHealth Group. The Growth of Specialty Pharmacy. Issue Brief, April 2014


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DMD is a healthcare market research consultancy focused predominantly on understanding the comprehensive pharmacy channel (including Retail, Hospital, and Specialty settings).  For over 40 years, DMD has helped clients “Know More and Connect Better” by providing key insights regarding this critical channel.
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