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KS&R Acquires Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD)

July 17, 2017, by DMD


KS&R, Inc. announced it has recently acquired Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD), a market leader in healthcare insights focused on the pharmacy channel, including the growing area of specialty pharmaceuticals.  This acquisition of DMD broadens KS&R’s experience and resources in the healthcare industry and expands the analytical and support resources available to clients.

“We are very excited by the opportunities this acquisition offers,” said KS&R President and Chairman of the Board, Rita L. Reicher, PhD.  “This combination of resources from two highly-respected and longstanding market research firms, both headquartered in Syracuse, is a natural.  DMD’s pharmaceutical expertise expands KS&R’s already strong suite of healthcare-related services.”  Former DMD owner, Bill Little, noted how pleased he is that this change in ownership results in a smooth transition for DMD clients and staff.

KS&R currently provides services to the healthcare industry, typically through doctor/patient listening techniques and other means of gaining qualitative and quantitative insights from physician and patient populations.  “The addition of DMD provides KS&R with the opportunity to provide clients with comprehensive insights through the entire patient journey, from patient/physician interaction through delivery of medications and post-care,” said Lucinda Burch, KS&R Vice President & Principal leading much of KS&R’s healthcare practice.

About KS&R
Founded in 1983, KS&R (Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc.) is a full-service, privately held market research firm. KS&R creates and executes global custom market research initiatives for some of the best-known corporations in the world in more than 100 countries and 50 languages.  KS&R is headquartered in Syracuse, New York, with offices in metro New York, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt, Germany.  (

About DMD
Founded in 1971, privately held and headquartered in Syracuse, New York, DMD (Delta Marketing Dynamics) helps healthcare clients make better decisions by providing key insights from our unparalleled pharmacy (Specialty, Retail, and Hospital) expertise and access to high-quality panels of decision-makers and influencers.


Specialty Pharmacy Programs & Services

June 02, 2016, by DMD

Core, Enhanced, and Future Considerations


Industry Whitepaper Discusses Programs and Services in the Specialty Pharmaceutical Space

SYRACUSE, NY, June 2, 2016 - Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD) announces the release of “Specialty Pharmacy Programs & Services: Core, Enhanced, and Future Considerations” , a whitepaper (the second in a DMD Specialty Pharmaceutical whitepaper three-part series) based on the analysis of executive-level interviews and secondary research conducted by DMD. It is intended for use by both Specialty Pharmacy Providers (SPPs) and Specialty Pharmaceutical manufacturers (SPMs) to help each optimize the patients journey for important, complicated, and often costly specialty medicines. The topics covered in this series will be focused on core issues challenging specialty pharmaceutical stakeholders today and in the future.

Specialty pharmaceuticals are a core part of the US healthcare solution. While initially focused on rare diseases and products with challenging handling requirements, the definition for specialty pharmaceuticals is broadening. Estimates suggest that future growth in specialty drug spending could quadruple by 2020, reaching about $400 billion or 9.1% of national health care spending.1

“Due to the high cost and often complex treatment that goes along with specialty medicines, it is extremely important that the services and programs focused on patients are optimized.” said James Sharples, Vice President at Delta Marketing Dynamics, a leading marketing research consultancy in the healthcare space. “There is a fair amount of confusion as to what services are considered basic versus enhanced, and also what gaps are still present.”

For this reason, DMD has analyzed the services/programs offered to help improve outcomes for patients using specialty pharmaceuticals, supplementing previous secondary research with recent interviews of key executives in both SPM and SPP organizations. Key topics on this services-focused whitepaper include:

  • What are core versus enhanced SPP services/programs?
  • What services/programs are currently being developed/future SPP services?
  • Where are the gaps in SPP services & programs?

1. UnitedHealth Group. The Growth of Specialty Pharmacy. Issue Brief, April 2014

About Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD)

Delta Marketing Dynamics is a market research consultancy with a long tradition of helping clients “Know More and Connect Better”, especially in the pharmacy space. For over 40 years DMD has offered key insights and deeper understanding of distribution patterns for many large and expensive brands distributed through the specialty channel. With direct access to top specialty pharmacies in the US, DMD offers customized research and syndicated options to help you assess and compare specialty distribution and programs. For more information or to access this whitepaper, please call James Sharples at 315-671-0811 or visit our website at

Specialty Pharmacy Trends

November 09, 2015, by DMD


Staying on Top of Specialty Pharmacy Trends:


3 Key Areas to Track

Specialty pharmacy products have grown significantly since the 1990’s, when complex treatment protocols and medications for diseases such as cancer, HIV, and hemophilia led to specialized patient care and changes in reimbursement procedures.


Specialty pharmacy offers a challenging opportunity, presenting many questions about how to best monitor industry trends.  Gaining insights into stocking choices, drug dispensing patterns, and disease state expertise offers actionable information for developing a specialty pharmacy partnership strategy.


With that in mind, here are 3 key areas where tracking behaviors and trends can provide valuable information for business decision making:


  1. Limited Distribution Product (LDP) Leakage
    Not all LDPs are dispensed in-network, and quite often retail and specialty pharmacies outside of network are able to access and dispense those products. Keeping track of the product flow can allow you to better understand how the patient is getting your brand and ultimately help you optimize the patient journey.
  2. Inventory and Prescribing
    Challenges in dispensing product are not limited to having inventory access. Adjudicating the prescription often involves discussions with the hub, prescriber, patient, and insurer. Understanding barriers to dispensing is pivotal to addressing solutions for your brand, including adherence.
  3. Changing face of Specialty Pharmacy Providers (SPPs)
    Aside from the rapid growth of SPPs, keeping abreast of their expertise in therapeutic areas, IDN affiliations, and accreditations is important for linking up with the best partners – in distribution, marketing, and patient support programs.


Knowing trends and tracking data remains a constant need within a continuously changing industry. Specialty pharmacy is no exception, representing real opportunity for gaining market and revenue share when ongoing information is the basis for business decisions.

What questions do you have related to specialty pharmacy providers?

How are you keeping abreast of the changes related to specialty pharmacies?

Delta Marketing Dynamics Publishes Comprehensive US Specialty Pharmacy Provider (SPP) Directory

October 20, 2015, by Jim Sharples

Directory created to help track disease states covered and services provided by SPPs

Syracuse, NY, October 19, 2015 - Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD) announces the publication of its 2015 US Specialty Pharmacy Provider Directory, a comprehensive resource providing key information on more than 200 SPPs throughout the United States. The Directory was created to meet an identified need for accurate, timely information about the growing number of specialty pharmacies and the services provided by them. Stakeholders in this space can benefit from knowing more about the scope of disease states and services offered from SPPs, as well as understanding which SPPs have received different accreditations related to the specialty pharmacy marketplace.

“This is an extremely dynamic marketplace. It is more and more challenging every day to stay current with the different players in the market.” explained DMD Vice President James Sharples.  “Not only is the number of SPPs growing at a rapid pace, but the scope and complexity of services offered from these pharmacies are also evolving. We hope this directory will be a valuable tool to anyone who has to manage this ever-changing landscape.”

Today, specialty medications are a major part of healthcare, making up most of the growth in US pharmaceutical sales. Development in specialty pharmacy markets is expected to continue based on a robust pharmaceutical pipeline and more entities, such as Integrated Delivery Networks or IDNs, developing their own specialty pharmacy organization.

The DMD Specialty Pharmacy Provider Directory is available at  or by calling 315-492-2905.


About Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD)

DMD is a healthcare market research consultancy focused predominantly on understanding the comprehensive pharmacy channel (including Retail, Hospital, and Specialty settings).  For over 40 years, DMD has helped clients “Know More and Connect Better” by providing key insights regarding this critical channel.
For more information about DMD or how we can help you or your team, please call 315-492-2905 or visit our website at